Thursday, 23 January 2014

Episode 01 - "The Pilot" has been released!

Our inaugural episode! Join Brisco County Jr. veterans Matt and Mel as they guide Brisco newbies Will and Caitlin through the pilot episode. Mel is grossed out by grapey-turkey hands, Will is grossed out by all forms of spit and Caitlin discovers the true purpose of eyebrows. Also, Matt enjoys how grumpy Lord Bowler is... like, really enjoys it.
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It's time to hear from you! We go through the mountain of feedback we received for our first episode. THANK YOU! We really enjoyed hearing from you all and hope that you'll stick it out through the whole series with us and send your thoughts for each and every episode.
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We record every two weeks. Please watch along with us and send feedback before the next episode!

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Feedback Call for Episode 2 "Socrates' Sister"!

Get your feedback in for EPISODE 2: Socrates' Sister by February 1st or Prof. Wickwire will never return from the bottom of the sea!